Categories of Water Damage

Despite the fact that all water damage seems to be the same, when you take a clear look at it you will see that there are multiple water damage categories that you might have to face at that particular time. With that in mind, we wanted to create a list that shows all types of water damages categories that you can find out there. Our Water Damage professionals in Northridge can help you deal with any of these, so if you need reliable help you can hire us right now. According to the IICRC S-500 standards you can find three major categories of water damage.

Clean Water

The clean water flooding is usually talking about flooding performed with a type of water which is clean and uncontaminated. It doesn’t pose any type of harm when it’s consumed although pets might have some issues with it. A thing to note here is that what can lead to this type of water damage is usually a leaky faucet, a bursting pipe or even the water heater shatter. It’s always important to clean this type of water damage by hiring a professional. This will prevent degrading and it will also provide a very good outcome in the end.

Grey Water

This is the second one of the water damage categories and it’s talking about the waste water that’s usually generate from household chores. This type of water does include some contaminants. It’s not clean and it can be dangerous at times. It’s especially leading to a sense of discomfort and at the same time it can even bring illness. It’s also dangerous for pets.

One thing to note is that grey water flooding can be brought by an overflow of the washing machine, dishwasher flooding, tub drains, toilets and improper flushes.

Black Water

As you can expect, this type of water does have a large number of contaminants and it can even include some fecal matter as well. It has hazardous agents, pathogenic agents and toxins. It might also include pesticides, silt, heavy metals and some organic matter. The black water flooding can be very damaging or even lethal to pets and humans alike. Everything from rising stagnant and flood water, sewer backup or toilet overflowing can lead to this problem. The issue is that this type of water can also support fungal and bacteria growth which is very bad.

Regardless of what type of water damage categories you are dealing with, it’s always a good idea to call a professional that can help you right away. Our Water Damage & Restoration pros in Northridge is here to address all the problems we mentioned and we have dedicated tools and the proper expertise that will help deal with any type of problem. If you want to deal with water damage in time, you just need to contact us right now and we will be very happy to assist with the inquiry. As long as you are fully committed to remove water damage, Our Water Damage Cleanup services in Northridge is here to help you with that. Access our 24/7 emergency water damage restoration Northridge right away and receive 100% satisfaction!

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